Memories of Camp

Everyone has their own fond memories of camp.
The camaraderie—the pure joy of endless summer bliss—
the getting closer to nature (maybe too close) moments—
frigid lakewater dips—prankster (1,000-and-one uses for shaving cream) bunkmates—inedible three-squares-a-day—flying insects (reclassified as
small aircraft)—burned fingers—strange rashes—one-hit-wonder campfire guitarists— peanut butter and honey sandwiches (with a generous sprinkle of sand), late night sprints to the KYBO (moved again) and things that go bump
in the dead of night.
But I’m talking about something completely different: Camp Advertising.
Come to think of it, in many ways, it wasn’t that much different.
And to help promote the whole Camp experience I created a series of ads that focused on topics that every advertiser must struggle with on a daily basis, including “The Big Idea.”
That’s right, the 800-pound great outdoors variety that can paralyze and render left brain thinkers completely helpless in the marketing world.
Perhaps this simple allegory may have helped.
Sadly it was never to be published.
I can only blame the Prince of Puns, but leave it at that.
You know who you are.


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