Okay, size matters too.

arm-2017May 30th, 2017 highlights the 4-year-mark since we incorporated Pumphouse Supplements® and opened our first retail store in Guelph, Ontario.
Our Mission Statement is to “Help build a fit and healthy body through a balanced nutrition, exercise and supplement regimen.”
The tagline: “Health matters. Nutrition matters. Fitness matters. (Okay, size matters too)” continues to resonate well with all of our customers.
We selected the city of Guelph because it presented the greatest opportunity for success by meeting the following criteria:
1. Average HHI of $145k/annum
2. The University of Guelph and accompanying sports programs e.g. Football/
Hockey/Basketball/Rugby and Lacrosse
3. High percentage of registered fitness club members  e.g. YMCA/13,000+
4. Low competition compared to other locales including K/W and London
More to follow.

Copywriter/Art/Graphic Design: James Gauley